Excellent Self-Empowerment Books That You Need to Add to Your Collection Now

Freelance Business Journalist Stefanie Holland

We all find ourselves stressed and incredibly busy during these crazy times. But are you like me- just needing to take a second to sit and be still?  With all the ruckus going on in the world, it can be hard to focus on the things that you need to maintain becoming a better you, and we certainly don’t want to be skimpy in the self-empowerment area at a time like this!

Statistically speaking, here’s what we need to take into perspective about self- empowerment reading and its effects:

  • You’re able to interpret the world (and yourself) more positively
  • The people who read more, fear less while taking risks
  • 88% of wealthy people claim that they read for self-improvement for up to 30 minutes per day
  • You fast track through your limitations
  • 85% rich people read two or more self-improvement books per month
  • Reading makes you smarter and improves brain power

With that said, kick back and dust off the old books or better yet, check out a few new ones! Here are a few of my new favorites… They’re quick reads that speak in volumes in minutes!

This amazing short book was created by Deepak Chopra who explores the true meaning behind consciousness and wealth. He has done an outstanding job of creating a “play book” of how to create affluence within our lives.

Created by a married entrepreneur duo, this short, simple book is sure to give you the extra mindfulness and encouragement needed to take control and set action to your goals within a matter of minutes. It’s a definitely a great manifesto that you’d like to keep handy when you feel like all odds are against you.

This author puts into perspective just how short life truly is. It follows his journey and how to take action now without wasting anymore time. Giving credit to Thomas Edison, the author believes that “life is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.


In Summary

Those are just a few of the most powerful self-empowerment books that will shine a positive light in the midst of any negativity within minutes. Stay focused, stay positive, and stay safe! 

~ Stefanie